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Adopting Haci Omer Sabanci’s principle "Sharing what we have obtained from this land with its people..." as its founding philosophy, Sabanci Foundation has been carrying out activities for more than 40 years with a love for humanity and with the aim of contributing to society more.

Striving for a society where all individuals enjoy equal rights, the Foundation targets contributing to education and cultural and social development.

Having built more than 120 institutions across Turkey so far, Sabanci Foundation has touched the lives of more than 700.000 people through its grant support to NGO projects in the fields of women, youth, and people with disabilities. The Foundation has aimed to encourage success in arts, sports and education by granting more than a thousand awards while it also provided over 47.000 scholarships to create equal opportunities in education.

Sabanci Foundation, greatly valuing culture and art activities, has been supporting various festivals and competitions in order to make use of the transformative power of art. Among these activities are:

  • Turkish Folk Dances Contest organized for 20 years,
  • State Theaters - Sabanci International Adana Theater Festival that has been reaching thousands of art lovers every year since 1998,
  • Mehtap Ar Children’s Theater that travelled all across Turkey in eight years,
  • International Ankara Music Festival supported by the Foundation as an honorary member since 2007,
  • Excavations in the Ancient City of Metropolis, the City of Mother Goddess, that shed light on thousands of years of history,
  • Turkish National Youth Philharmonic Orchestra which broadens the horizon of hundreds of young musicians in Turkey and which was founded and has been supported by the Sabanci Foundation as its main supporter,
  • Short Film Competition initiated in 2016 with the aim of raising awareness about social issues through the creative perspective of cinema.

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